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She huffed and she huffed — with similar results both times

Jill Taylor
Jill Taylor Monroe County Sheriff’s Office

A North Carolina woman was arrested twice within 24 hours in Marathon from Sunday to Monday for allegedly huffing Office Depot aerosol cans in public.

The first arrest for Jill Taylor, 37, happened at the Valero gas station, mile marker 50.5 oceanside, Sunday night when police found her “disoriented” and sitting on the ground outside, according to the arrest report.

She told Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputies she wanted to go back to her hotel, and they told her they could “transport her but needed to check her large purse for weapons,” the report says.

That’s when Taylor said she needed to go to the bathroom and get her key card, went inside and closed the door for about three minutes, according to Deputy Michael Maleta’s report.

When one of the deputies opened the door, Taylor reportedly “collapsed as it was opened,” after which they called for an ambulance and then found four Office Depot aerosol duster cans in the bathroom garbage can.

After she was taken to Fishermen’s Community Hospital, Taylor was handed a misdemeanor charge for inhaling harmful chemicals, taken to the Stock Island jail and released Monday just before 2 p.m. on her own recognizance.

Two hours later, police were called to a 53rd Street business in Marathon where they found Taylor sitting next to an Office Depot aerosol duster can, according to the arrest report.

“The can was cold to the touch, with strands of hair matching Jill’s stuck to the side of it and pieces of the lid inside her purse,” the report says.

She was handed another misdemeanor charge for inhaling harmful chemicals and taken to the Stock Island jail, where she remained Tuesday.

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