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A woman found peeing in public had an appropriate thing to say to a cop


A Tampa woman was jailed Thanksgiving morning after police said they caught her urinating in the bushes of a driveway off Duval Street in Key West.

“I’m drunk and pissed off,” Sofia Wunsch, 46, reportedly said to officers during her arrest for misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Wunsch, whose jail information says she is a manager in Key West, caught the attention of a passerby who called police to report that she was driving drunk near the Edward B. Knight Pier on White Street in a black Volkswagen.

The man tried following her and later said he was so outraged by her behavior on the holiday that he would pursue charges of public indecency.

“She got out of her car and began stumbling around and [he] lost sight of her,” according to the police incident report.

Officers arrived to find a woman, later identified as Wunsch, squatting near the driveway of 1020 Duval St., which is a scooter rental business, and urinating “in plain view and in public.”

The time was about 9:16 a.m. Thanksgiving.

Wunsch was visibly impaired and smelled strongly of alcoholic beverages, police said.

“When I asked her why she was urinating out in public, she slurringly questioned if that was bad,” wrote Officer Gustavo Medina. “She then agreed it was not a good idea.”

Wunsch was released from the Stock Island Detention Center on Thursday evening without having to post a bond.

Police released surveillance video of a man who urinated on a synagogue on Sunday, Aug. 13, 2017, in Northeast Philadelphia’s Somerton section.

After his arrest on a DUI charge, a Florida judge ruled that singer Justin Bieber's private parts had to be hidden in a video released to the public. The video showed Bieber urinating at a police station in 2014.

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