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He was upset at a crocodile. So cops say he shot at it 12 times, then yelled at them

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office detectives look for shell casings beside a canal in Islamorada after someone fired at least 12 bullets at a crocodile Monday, Nov. 13.
Monroe County Sheriff’s Office detectives look for shell casings beside a canal in Islamorada after someone fired at least 12 bullets at a crocodile Monday, Nov. 13. dgoodhue@keysreporter.com

An Islamorada man is suspected of firing at least 12 shots at a crocodile swimming in a canal and then confronting Monroe County sheriff’s deputies investigating the incident while holding and racking a loaded handgun.

Bond Ferrer, 51, was arrested on an obstruction charge, but more charges could be coming as the investigation continues. The two witnesses who saw someone shooting at the croc from inside a Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck could not positively identify who was behind the wheel or the trigger.

Deputies were called to a bayside mile marker 85 neighborhood around 4:15 p.m. Monday by residents reporting shots fired at the intersection of Venetian Way and Venetian Boulevard. Deputies found 12 spent 9 mm casings on the ground there next to the water. One of the witnesses saw the Silverado turn onto Venetian Way, which is a dead end street.

They went to a house on Venetian Way with a Chevy Silverado parked in the driveway that matched the description given to them by one of the witnesses, according to an arrest report written by Deputy Matthew O’Neill.

A woman, Alyce Ferrer, came to the second story balcony and said the truck belonged to her husband and he was inside sleeping. She got him up and they came outside. Bond Ferrer initially denied driving the truck or firing a weapon. Deputies left and looked throughout the neighborhood and did not see any other truck matching the one described by witnesses. They returned to the Ferrer house, where a deputy placed his hand on the hood of the truck and noticed it warm to the touch, meaning it had been driven recently.

Ferrer said a house guest had just taken it to a nearby convenience store to get a Cuban coffee. Police then asked the couple if they owned guns. Alyce Ferrer said they had a .380 caliber pistol. Bond Ferrer said he would bring it out. Deputies asked if they could search his truck, to which he replied no.

Police then told Ferrer eye-witnesses said they saw someone shooting at a crocodile from a truck that looked like his vehicle. The situation escalated after that.

“Bond Ferrer became very upset and began listing neighbors whose animals were killed by the crocodile,” O’Neill wrote in his report. American crocodiles are almost exclusively found in South Florida and the Keys. They are listed as endangered species and killing one is a federal offense.

Bond Ferrer said he was going inside to get the .380 for the deputies, but instead he stood on his porch yelling obscenities at the deputies, according to O’Neill.

Meanwhile, deputies continued speaking with Alyce. Minutes later, her husband came to the door armed with a .45-caliber pistol. One of the four deputies at the scene yelled “Gun, Gun,” and pulled his weapon. The other deputies yelled at Ferrer to drop his gun. But instead, he chambered a round, then released the magazine from the firearm’s handle.

He then placed the gun on the ground and was eventually cuffed after resisting the deputies, according to the arrest affidavit. Even while cuffed, Bond Ferrer continued to yell profanities at the deputies, according to the arrest affidavit.

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