Florida Keys

He was cited over hogfish. Then he went hog wild.

Jack Simon Jordaan
Jack Simon Jordaan Monroe County Sheriff’s Office

A Florida Keys charter captain went into a rage, saying he wanted to shoot two state marine law officers before trying to jump into the ocean while handcuffed after they flagged several out-of-season hogfish on his vessel off the Lower Keys Wednesday, according to an arrest affidavit.

Jack Simon Jordaan, 61, was being held Thursday with no bond allowed in the Monroe County jail in Stock Island on two felony counts of harming a law enforcement officer, one felony count of resisting arrest with violence and one misdemeanor count of resisting arrest without violence.

According to a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission arrest report, two FWC officers pulled up to the Emily Anne charter fishing and diving vessel south of Rebecca Channel, about six miles west of Marquesas Key. When they asked to come on board, Jordaan replied, “Do I have a choice,” according to the report. Another crewman, Daniel Smith, told the officers there were fish and lobster aboard stored in coolers but that they were low on ice. The FWC officers said their inspection of the catch would not take long. Smith invited the officers aboard.

Smith showed the FWC officers the vessel’s catch log stating 15 hogfish were caught, along with other species of fish. The officers responded that hogfish season was closed in federal waters, which the Emily Anne crew disputed.

While inspecting the fish in the cooler, officers said Smith was cooperative, but Jordaan was “very argumentative.” He told the FWC officers, according to the arrest report, “I’d like to put a bullet in both of your [expletive] heads” while pointing at them.

One of the officers told Jordaan threatening to shoot a law officer is a felony and he could be arrested. Jordaan denied making a threat but held out his arms and said, “Do it,” according to the arrest report. He then walked upstairs and into the boat’s wheelhouse. One of the FWC officers asked Smith if there were firearms in the wheelhouse, to which Smith replied yes. The officers then ordered Jordaan to come downstairs where they could see him.

Jordaan came out of the wheelhouse and threw a cup at one of the officers, prompting them to put him in handcuffs. Jordaan broke free and attempted to jump overboard, but the officers were able to pull him back. He tried this several more times until one of the officers shot pepper spray on Jordaan’s face to “deescalate the resistance,” according to the report.

The officers took Jordaan aboard their patrol boat and washed his face with saltwater. On the way back to shore, Jordaan told them he tried to jump in the water because he wanted to die.

“Jordaan stated multiple times he was bored with life and wanted to end it,” Officer Jeremy Foell wrote in his report. He also reportedly told the officers that he “downed a bunch of vodka” while he was in the wheelhouse.

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