Florida Keys

When a family dispute involves brass knuckles and a hand saw, nobody wins

Two bloody Key West men were found on Grinnell Street behind the Key West City Hall complex Tuesday afternoon, having scrapped over a family dispute but neither would press charges, according to the police report.

Arnold Bruce Kravitz, 20, was bleeding from cuts all over his body while Phillip Anthony Barnett-Azhocar, 19, had a swollen face and at one point was vomiting and dizzy.

Kravitz had gone after Barnett-Azhocar with brass knuckles while Barnett-Azhocar retaliated with a Dewalt 6-inch serrated hand saw, police said.

Kravitz said Barnett-Azhocar’s mother had been living with him and his father at an apartment nearby and that they had sex while he was asleep one night and “Phillip was mad about it,” the police report stated.

“Kravitz stated that he is sick and tired of cleaning up after Phillip and his mother (Phillip does not reside at this location) and that they ‘disrespect’ his house,” officers wrote.

Kravitz was taken to Lower Keys Medical Center, where he received multiple sutures for his wounds. Barnett-Azhocar said “Kravitz is his friend and that putting him in jail would only hurt his father, who is elderly, and his mother, who rents a room from them,” police wrote.