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UF student body president cuts deal for drunken Key West bout

William Smith Meyers
William Smith Meyers

The University of Florida’s student body president got schooled in the criminal court system in Key West after pushing over motorcycles while in a drunken stupor March 7.

William Smith Meyers, 22, agreed to a deal in the misdemeanor criminal mischief: 12 months of supervision, 100 hours of community service and to not consume or possess alcohol during the time he is in the Monroe County pretrial diversion program.

During an interview with police in the 400 block of William Street that night, Meyers, who goes by Smith Meyers on campus, “was so intoxicated that he did not even recall coming down to Key West for spring break vacation,” Officer Nicholas Galbo wrote.

Meyers’ attorney Michelle Cates Deal didn’t return calls for comment Thursday.

If Meyers completes six months of supervision without any violations, he can be freed from the rest of the year term, the State Attorney’s Office said.

The student body president represents more than 52,000 students at the University of Florida and is the only student member on the UF Board of Trustees. Meyers won the student government role in February after running unopposed under the tagline “Character that counts.” His one-year term began in April.

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