Florida Keys

A bicyclist was hit by an SUV. A deputy then asked him: ‘Are you a legal citizen?’

When a Monroe County Sheriff’s deputy arrived at the scene of a traffic accident in Key West, the first thing he asked the cyclist, who had just been hit by a SUV was: “Speak English?’’

He also asked: “You're illegal? Are you a legal citizen or no?”

A video from the deputy’s body camera shows Marcos Antonio Huete, a 31-year-old Honduran, on the side of a Key West roadway, his bicycle at his side. He had just been hit by a GMC Sierra SUV en route to his job, according to the traffic accident report.

With an injured Heute on the ground, the deputy continued: “You got ID? Passport, visa, what?”

After the initial round of questions, the deputy finally asked: “You want an ambulance or no?”

One of the deputies on the scene then called an ambulance that took him to a nearby hospital, according to Univision.

Huete’s sister, Olga, contacted the network to report the incident. Marcos Huete, an undocumented immigrant who works in construction, financially supports his mother and his two daughters who live in Honduras. He is now facing deportation, Univision reported.

The accident took place around 7:45 a.m. April 27 at the intersection of U.S. 1 and Mile Marker 4.5, according to the Florida Highway Patrol report. According to the report, the driver of the SUV, Tiffany Andree Pierce, 44, of Key West, was exiting U.S. 1 onto MacDonald Avenue. Huete was trying to cross McDonald and “darted out in front’’ of the SUV, the FHP report said. Pierce struck the right rear tire of Huete’s bicycle.

Huete was cited for “obstructing/hindering traffic,’’ the report said.

Huete was transported to Lower Keys Medical Center in Key West. After Huete was discharged from the hospital on crutches, Huete’s sister told Univision that a police officer told Huete to return to the accident scene.

“He did not tell us why, but we went back because my brother had not done anything. We had no reason to flee,” Olga Huete told Univision.

At the accident scene, federal Border Patrol agents showed up and asked to see Huete’s papers, Univision reported. They sent him to Krome Detention Center in south Miami-Dade, where he has spent almost a month in detention, Univision reported.