Florida Keys

They left their trailer to visit friends. The problem: Who they left behind

Jessica Saintil
Jessica Saintil

This is a short story about twos: two women, two trailers, two little girls, each of whom is 2 years old.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, an Arnold’s Towing tow truck driver in Stock Island’s Roy’s Trailer Park discovered two small children wandering around by themselves outside after midnight Friday. They appeared to be cold, which was understandable. One was wearing only a T-shirt and underwear and the other wore nothing at all.

A Monroe deputy wrapped the naked child in a towel from his cruiser just before Jessica Saintil, 24, and Yveline Saintil, 23, appeared. The Santils claimed responsibility for the children.

The sheriff’s office said the women admitted they had been drinking. They also admitted they left the little girls alone in a trailer while visiting friends in another trailer, according to deputies.

They said they weren’t gone long. But when they returned to the trailer, they were greeted by an open door and no children.

Each was then escorted through the open door of the Monroe County Jail.

This story ends for now on two felony counts of child neglect without bodily harm.

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