Florida Keys

After cabbie was found passed out in taxi, police did a ‘sternum rub’ to roust him


Police say they caught a drunken cabbie sleeping in his yellow cab parked in the fire lane outside a Key West restaurant and had to perform a “sternum rub” on his chest in order to wake him.

Even awake, the cabbie appeared groggy and disoriented and had trouble pronouncing words, police said.

Mark Kaade, 47, who was driving for Friendly Cab, later registered a .25 blood-alcohol content on the breath test, reports state. In Florida, .08 percent is considered drunk.

About 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, Kaade was found passed out inside his 2000 Ford Crown Victoria cab by the manager of the Outback, 3230 N. Roosevelt Blvd., who said he tried to wake the driver himself without luck.

Kaade told police he had four vodka drinks but later said a dozen, and said he takes prescription medications. An officer said he had seen Kaade driving the cab around 3 a.m. and that he looked nothing like he did more than 16 hours later.

Police found four unopened 1-ounce vodka bottles inside the cab’s driver side door pocket, and a bevy of pills prescribed to treat anxiety, depression and bi-polar disorder: Ambien, Remeron and Zoloft pills were in the cab along with properly packaged Hydroxyzine and Quetiapine, according to the arrest report.

Kaade, who has no prior arrest history in Monroe County and four traffic tickets since 2007, was released from the jail on Stock Island the next day without having to post a bond. He faces charges of felony drug possession and misdemeanor DUI.

During the arrest, police say Kaade told Officer Jesse Young that his mother would be disappointed if she knew Young was out “torturing people.”

Young replied he doesn’t have to check in with his mother because he is a grown man.

“She already knows,” Kaade reportedly said.

Gwen Filosa: @KeyWestGwen