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Hollywood man arrested, police say he posted child porn to Twitter

David Michael Pulju
David Michael Pulju Posted on Facebook

Hollywood Police walked out of David Michael Pulju’s workplace Wednesday with Pulju in custody — three months after they walked out of his home with his desktop computer, which they say was filled with child pornography images.

Pulju faces 11 counts of child pornography possession. The arrest report says Pulju, 24, admitted to getting the pictures and videos from Twitter just by doing a search.

It was through Twitter, according to the arrest report, that Pulju came to the notice of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. In April, Twitter sent a tip that user “tr4d3m3” connected to the e-mail address “” had posted child pornography. The center passed along the tip and a photo file to the South Florida Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. Detectives wrote that they found 50 images of boys 6 to 15 years old engaging in sexual acts.

Tracking the screen name and e-mail address through the internet service provider, police say, led them to Pulju’s home on May 19. The report says Pulju didn’t deny the screen name and e-mail address were his. Moreover, it says, he consented to a search of his desktop computer and, after being read his Miranda warning, admitted that he enjoyed viewing child pornography.

This is the second recent child pornography arrest in Broward with roots in a Twitter tip to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children about posting or postings. Earlier this month, Southwest Ranches resident Bruce Muehlfelder pleaded not guilty when charged with 31 counts of child pornography possession.

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