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Murder suspect’s escape was ‘planned’ with help, sheriff says

Murder suspect flees Broward County courthouse

A video shows murder suspect Dayonte Resiles exiting the stairwell of the Broward County Courthouse on Friday, July 15, 2016.
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A video shows murder suspect Dayonte Resiles exiting the stairwell of the Broward County Courthouse on Friday, July 15, 2016.

Police have expanded their manhunt for a Broward murder suspect, who they say is armed and dangerous. There are now two $10,000 rewards being offered for his return.

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel held a press conference Saturday afternoon to announce that the search has expanded nationwide, although officials believe Resiles is still in the tri-county area.

Murder suspect Dayonte Resiles remains on the loose after escaping from the Broward County Courthouse on Friday, July 15, 2016. Broward Sheriff Scott Israel says that Resiles appeared to have planned the escape and had help.

Dayonte Resiles, a 21-year-old charged with murdering a woman in her Davie home, shed his shackles and escaped the Broward County Courthouse Friday morning.

“At this point we know this escape was pre-planned,” he said. “We know that Resiles had accomplices. We are actively serving search warrants and applying for search warrants.”

The department is aggressively pursuing anyone involved in Resiles’ escape.

“I’ve directed our criminal investigations division to charge anyone, when it becomes applicable, that they aided and abetted this fleeing murder suspect. Those people will be brought to justice, as will Mr. Resiles.”

He also announced a $10,000 reward from Crimestoppers for information leading to the capture of Resiles. Ron and Lauren Book are offering an additional $10,000 reward.

A nationwide BOLO alert has been issued for escaped murder suspect Dayonte Resiles, Broward Sheriff Scott Israel tells reporters on Saturday, July 16, 2016. Resiles, who remains on the loose, appeared to have planned the escape and had help, accor

Israel said he hoped for the safe return of Resiles, with no injuries to him or the deputies who apprehend him.

“We will leave no stone unturned in this case,” Israel said. “Our folks are working around the clock.”

Resiles, accused of the September 2014 home invasion stabbing death of Davie’s Jill Halliburton Su, is listed as 5-10, 175 pounds. He’s decorated with eight tattoos: “La’Shay” on his right hand; “Kerry” on his left hand; “Joaquin” on his right wrist; “Shay” on his left wrist; flames on his right forearm; skull and hands on his left forearm; “Hood Stars” with stars on his upper left arm; and “Carol” and “Angel” on his upper right arm.

“If you think you’ve seen anyone who looks like Mr. Resiles, call us in,” Israel emphasized Friday afternoon. “Inundate our call takers with calls. If you think you know where he is, if you think you know where he might be, if you think you know where he might be going, call us up.”

Israel said authorities were following various leads, but Resiles still eluded them. A Friday afternoon perimeter at the Regal Trace Apartments, 540 NW Fourth Ave. in Fort Lauderdale, captured a suspect in an unrelated case.

Resiles was at the Broward County Courthouse Friday morning for a hearing on whether the death penalty would be a sentencing option if he were to be convicted of Su’s murder. Before the hearing began, Resiles got out of his shackles and raced out of the courtroom around 9:30 a.m. Resiles’ lead attorney, H. Dohn Williams, said there are two stairwells from the fourth floor that lead outside. Surveillance video caught Resiles running to outside daylight through a courthouse stairway door.

Though BSO scrambled to set up a perimeter within a few minutes, Israel said, “We believe he defeated the perimeter before we got into place. He escaped through the north end of the courthouse.”

Williams was on his way to the court for Resiles’ hearing when he got a text message from another member of the defense team:

“Your client has escaped.”

“I thought it was a joke,” Williams said. “Nobody escapes from here.”

Resiles is being prosecuted on six different felony cases in Broward right now — five second-degree felonies involving burglary, grand theft and weapons possession, and the Sept. 8, 2014, first-degree murder of Jill Su.

Davie police responding to a possible home invasion call say they found Su’s body in the master bedroom, hands and feet tied, clad only in underwear and having been stabbed numerous times. Police claim DNA on a knife found on a doormat matched Resiles’ DNA.

Su, a member of the Texas-based Halliburton family of vast oil wealth, was married to Nan Yao Su, a University of Florida professor prominent in entomology.

Miami Herald reporters David J. Neal and Amy Sherman contributed to this report.

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