Broward County

Margate man, 47, accused of lewd acts with 14-year-old girl, police say

Police say the messages Robert Litman sent her, whom he called “Mrs. Litman,” declared he was “madly in love” and didn’t know how he could live without her. Police also say “Mrs. Litman” told them she and Mr. Litman engaged in coitus five to seven times a week for months.

The problem with this romantic scenario: Mr. Litman is 47. “Mrs. Litman” is a 14-year-old girl.

That’s why Robert Litman of Margate now faces a charge of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor from 12 to 16. Litman made his $20,000 bond Monday, trading Broward County Jail for home confinement. With prior approval, he’s allowed to go to work. He’s not allowed to contact the 14-year-old or her parents or be within 500 feet of them.

Another case in the Broward County criminal justice system, one of domestic violence, involves Litman and the 14-year-old in different roles: Litman as victim and the 14-year-old as the writer of several love letters. An arrest affidavit claims when Raven Cooper — Litman’s roommate, ex-fiancee and mother of Litman’s 11-month-old son — found the romantic writings on May 8, she punched and slapped Litman.

Litman denied the letters came from the 14-year-old, but rather a different female. After police examined Litman’s injuries, including a bite mark the back of his neck, Cooper was arrested on a charge of battery/domestic violence. She’s since moved to Key West.

According to the complaint affidavit against Litman, the teenage girl gave police a sworn statement that she’d been in a sexual relationship with Litman since April. Another witness claimed to have been told of the relationship by the teenage girl. The girl’s mother handed over the girl’s cell phone which, police said, included “several inappropriate text messages between (Litman) and the victim.” The phone also yielded naked photos of the girl, as well as pictures of Litman and the 14-year-old “kissing passionately.”

Facebook messenger voice memos contained the aforementioned statements of affection from Litman. After his arrest, police say, Litman called himself a “father figure” and denied kissing the girl until the photos emerged. He also allegedly admitted the voice on the voice memo was his.

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