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Man charged in Hollywood carjacking linked to 2 more cases

Bernard Owens
Bernard Owens

A man who was arrested earlier this month for armed robbery and carjacking has been linked to two more Hollywood cases, police announced Wednesday.

Bernard Owens, 21, was arrested May 3 after police say he got in a woman's car in the 5800 block of Lincoln Street, forced her to drive to an ATM at gunpoint to withdraw $400 and threatened to rob her home.

What Owens didn't know was the woman, Priscilla Cercone, was on her Bluetooth handset with her husband, who called police. When they arrived at the house, police were waiting.

Owens was arrested and charged with robbery with a firearm, possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, kidnapping and kidnapping in the commission of a felony.

On May 9, Owens, who was already in jail, was charged in connection to a March 18 case and April 29 case.

On March 18, police say Owens rode on a bicycle up to a woman, who was walking home from a nearby bus stop, and demanded that she hand over two cell phones at gunpoint. She complied.

In the April 29 case, two woman reported they went to the 5800 block of Tyler Street to pay rent when a man forced his way into the back seat of their car and pointed a gun at them. He then demanded they drive to an ATM, where she took out $300 in cash. Before leaving, he took the driver’s license of the driver and told her he’d kill her if she reported him to police.

Owens remained in Broward's main jail Wednesday night on no bond.

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