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Sex offender accused of using Fort Lauderdale property manager position to assault boys

Adam Goldberg
Adam Goldberg Florida Department of Law Enforcement

A South Florida Property Management Company is being sued for allegedly hiring a convicted sex offender who is accused of using his job as a property manager to victimize three young boys.

A mother, who is not being named to protect her child, said she noticed major changes in her son after property manager Adam Goldberg started making appearances at the residence.

Goldberg “had access to the house whenever he wanted to. He would come to fix things whenever he wanted to,” she said. “He (her son) was an honor roll student for three years straight. After his interaction with Mr. Goldberg, his grades tremendously dropped. He started acting out. He got in trouble.”

The families are filing suit against AAJ 8-1, LLC., a property management company based out of Fort Lauderdale.

Its owner Jerome Stern hired Goldberg in 2011 – the year he was released from prison after serving five years for possession of child pornography.

The families prodded Stern for a reason as to why he would hire a known sex offender.

“The answer that we got was that the family of the owner of this company had a son, Adam Goldberg, who’d been convicted of some charge relating to pornography, but that he was either trumped out or he was a good boy and he needed a job,” said Christopher Marlowe, the families’ attorney.

According to Marlowe, during Goldberg’s employment he met three young boys ranging in age from 6 to 14.

Goldberg reportedly gave them gifts and tickets to sporting events.

The lawsuit states Goldberg lured each boy to his home off Northwest 97th St. and 31st Ave., where he drugged some of the children and sexually assaulted them.

The mothers hope their story serves as a warning to property managers against placing sex offenders in positions of trust. They also want it to use it as a reminder to parents, and the whole community, to never let their guard down.

“Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you haven’t. It can get worse. It does get worse. And the man who has the keys to your house really might be raping your children,” Marlowe said.