Broward County

Beer leads to a brawl, then gunshots at Broward quick mart

Two men looking for beer stopped at a Pompano Beach convenience store on a late-night run last weekend. Beer and then a beef led to a brawl and bullets, has Broward Sheriff’s Office looking for the pair.

On Monday, BSO named the two men as persons of interest in the 2:45 a.m. Saturday drive by shooting that hit Pompano Beach’s Jordan Nelson once in each thigh. The two men came and left the Shell station’s Port Five Star Food Mart in a white Ford Expedition and police believe it’s the same white Ford Expedition from which came the shots into the crowd that struck Nelson.

Surveillance cameras at 598 NW 15th St. gas station/convenience store show:

A Ford Expedition rolled into the lane in front of the convenience store door. One man, wearing a tank top, exits the front drivers’ side door and appears to do a friendly handshake-bump hug with a portly man in a white T-shirt who had been standing outside the store. The portly man then approached the open rear driver’s side doorway through which a slender shirtless man soon emerged. White Tank and Shirtless entered the store while the portly one remained outside. While the man in the white tank bought half a case of Corona, the shirtless man returned outside. As he approached the rear driver’s side door of the Expedition, a man on a green bike in a split pea green T-shirt with a black satchel on his shirt intercepted him.

Whatever words Shirtless and Green exchanged contained enough animosity that a young woman got out of the SUV and tried to separate the two men. Portly and one other T-shirt attired, but more slender man joined the group. White Tank emerged from the store. Shirtless and Green moved off to the side and began flinging limbs at each other. As the confrontation moved toward the gas pumps, whether looking for comfort or dramatic gesture, Green shed his shirt.

Most of the fighting occurred between Green and Shirtless, as Portly acted as corpulent barrier on the young woman and White Tank as they tried to assist Shirtless. Later, Green and White Tank fought briefly, as did Shirtless and Portly. Eventually, White Tank, Shirtless and the young woman left.

Over an hour later, came the drive-by shots from the Ford Expedition.

Anything with any information on White Tank or Shirtless are encouraged to call Detective Joseph Sedawie at 954-321-4328 or Broward CrimeStoppers at 954-493-8477.

David J. Neal: 305-376-3559, @DavidJNeal