Broward County

Toddler nearly drowns in pool at Lauderdale Lakes home


A two-year-old boy is in critical condition after nearly drowning in a pool at his family’s Lauderdale Lakes home.

Broward County Fire Rescue crews airlifted the toddler from the home at 3910 NW 33rd Terr. to Broward General Sunday afternoon.

A neighbor said the boy and his family moved into the house a few months ago. The family was getting ready for evening church services when they realized the boy was missing. They found him unresponsive in the pool in the back yard.

Neighbors came out as soon as they heard the mother’s screams for help.

A neighbor said, “they were screaming, crying, praying, fainting. It was bad.”

Officials said the boy did have a pulse when he was checked into the hospital.