Broward County

Police seize toy gun at Fort Lauderdale elementary school

A fifth-grader is being investigated by police after he showed up at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School in Fort Lauderdale Friday with a toy gun stuffed in his backpack.

School staff discovered the gun just before 6 p.m. and long after school had been dismissed, said Fort Lauderdale Police Detective DeAnna Greenlaw. It was not clear why the boy was at the school. Because the campus at 800 NW 13th St. was largely empty and it was clear that the gun was a toy, police did not lock down the school, she said. The boy refused to cooperate with police, she said, and was turned over to his parents.

Police are trying to determine “why he had it on him and if it was meant to be a toy or if there was something more,” she said.