Broward County

Couple arrested after weapons found in car

A Hollywood couple stopped for a routine traffic infraction Friday were arrested on narcotics and weapons charges, with federal agents being called to the scene to look into chemicals found in the vehicle’s trunk.

Mitchell Hain, 32, and Colleen Geneva Kirk, 44, were charged with possession of narcotics and carrying a concealed weapon after police, searching their white 4-door Lincoln, said they found cocaine, heroin and a genetic form of Xanax.

Officers didn’t say what prompted them to search the vehicle, or what traffic infraction forced them to stop the couple. Police called the weapon they found, “a large knife.”

Police did say they’re still investigating the duo to determine if they were trying to set up an illegal meth lab. No charges related to meth were filed.

When Hollywood police found what they believed to be common household products used to create meth in the vehicle’s trunk, they contacted the Clandestine Laboratory enforcement team for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Hollywood Police Officer Anthony Gomez said other charges may be pending.