Broward County

Woman who flashes Broward judge claims reverse discrimination

CBS4 Miami

Kayla Kupcakes flashes the judge.
Kayla Kupcakes flashes the judge. New York Daily News

A busty porn star who flashed a Broward County judge in court told CBS4 News she’s the victim of reverse discrimination.

Suzy Surrette, known as Kayla Kupcakes professionally, exposed her breasts in bond court Thursday while showing Judge John Hurley bruising on her body. She was arrested for disorderly intoxication.

Friday, she told Miami Herald news partner CBS4 that she was thrown to the ground by a bouncer at a Fort Lauderdale beach bar.

She said it happened while she was drinking and got into an argument with a woman over the juke box. She went on to say she was treated roughly by police and jail guards and claimed it was because she is white. She blames most of the bruising on the bouncer.

“He had me pinned down on the cement,” said Surrette. When asked if she was combative at that point, she replied, “Yes I was sir, because I don’t want somebody pinning me down putting bruises on me. I wanted that fat piece of trash off of me.”

Surrette was released from jail Friday morning after posting a $100 bond.