Broward County

A purse-snatcher tried to escape, cops say. Then a football team and Jason Taylor caught up

Broward County Sheriff's Office

A purse-snatching suspect thought he was making a clean getaway across a school field. But the St. Thomas Aquinas football team and two of its coaches had a different ending in mind.

The school’s football team gave chase — and former Miami Dolphin players Jason Taylor and Twan Russell, now 45-year-old high school football coaches, took him down.

Kendrick Freeman, 27, entered St. Thomas Aquinas High School on Thursday, Fort Lauderdale police said. He walked into the Science building and then went one of its classrooms.

Inside he took a teacher’s purse, police said. Freeman isn’t a student or staff member at the school.

The teacher confronted Freeman and found out that he stole her purse.

Freeman ran out of the classroom and headed to the open field, which is when the school’s football team spotted him.

After chasing him down, the team caught him.

When an officer arrived they saw Russell and NFL Hall of Famer Taylor holding Freeman down.

Freeman was arrested and charged with burglary, petit theft and trespassing on school grounds.

He remains in a Broward jail held on a $9,500 bond.

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