Broward County

He barely stepped out his front door when a snake bit his foot. It’s snake bite season.

Zamar Miller barely stepped out of his Pembroke Pines home on July Fourth when a cottonmouth snake — also known as a water moccasin — clamped down on his right foot.

The snake’s teeth pierced through the 19-year-old’s sock, sending venom into his body. An adult cottonmouth can have a potentially fatal bite.

His mother, Denise Morris, was upstairs when she heard him scream.

“I never flew down the stairs so fast,” she said. “No matter how old they get, when you hear a scream like that you know something is wrong.”

Morris said the snake was “out in the open” on their concrete walkway where there were no bushes or plants. He went outside his house in the Cobblestone community at about 10:30 p.m. to meet a friend.

The snake quickly slithered its way under a garden tool box. Morris called 911.

Pembroke Pines police on Wednesday shared the video of police capturing the critter as a warning to others to be cautious. Snake bite season, the department said, runs from April to October. The warning: “Use caution in tall grass or moving outdoor items.”

The snake was released into a nearby wetland, police said.

Miller was taken to a hospital, where he spent four days, and was given pain medicine and anti-venom drugs, his mom said.

The teen, who goes to college in Orlando, was visiting his family for the holiday. His mom said he is doing better but still can’t put weight on his foot.

“It is very traumatizing,” she said.