Broward County

Man gives BSO the slip. SWAT members thought he was hiding in the attic.

Broward Sheriff’s Deputies spent most of Wednesday trying to lure a suspected car burglar out of the attic of a Cooper City home where they thought he was hiding. They used infrared cameras from outside the home to identify his body signature. Then SWAT members entered the home and did a room-to-room search.

Turned out their suspicion was wrong.

“The house has been cleared and he’s not there,” said Broward Sheriff’s Office Spokeswoman Gina Carter.

By late Wednesday, BSO deputies had no clue how the man vanished. They know he entered the home in the 11400 block of Lakeshore Drive because a deputy chased him there. As for his disappearance, police believe he either sneaked out at one point or just raced through the home and out another door before police set up a perimeter.

The strange cat-and-mouse game began in the wee hours Wednesday morning, long before sunrise, when deputies were alerted to a group of vehicle break-ins in the area.

Carter said when an officer confronted a man suspected of breaking into a vehicle, he took off, eventually scrambling through the garage of the Lakeshore Drive home. There was a family asleep in the home at the time, but they all managed to escape safely, Carter said.

Police then set up a perimeter and used an infrared heat sensor to determine that someone was hiding in the home’s attic. Unable to communicate, BSO SWAT entered the home just after 2 p.m. They swept through room-by-room, then made their way to the attic.

It was empty. If police determined the man’s identity, they haven’t shared it publicly.