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The giant lizard that terrorized a Davie neighborhood has now taken a ride out of town

The giant monitor lizard that turned a Davie family’s backyard into a no-man’s land for much of the summer has finally been caught.

On Tuesday, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s agents caught the Asian water monitor in Davie’s Nob Hill community.

Zack Lieberman, who filmed a video of the 6-foot-long, 100-pound beast on his family’s property in August, told WPLG-Local 10 that “Everybody is relieved.”

Lizard in FWC car.jpg
Maria Lieberman posted this image of the 100-pound monitor lizard in the back of a Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission agent’s car on Nov. 6, 2018. The lizard has been on the loose in the Davie neighborhood since August. Maria Lieberman Facebook

For more than two months, Fish and Wildlife and other trappers tried to capture the elusive lizard. Lieberman, his wife Maria, and their two young children worried about using their own backyard pool for fear the creature could bite one of the kids. When the lizard wasn’t running for its life, it was boldly flicking its tongue right outside the Liebermans’ windows — as if taunting the humans inside.

But the monitor, which is believed to be an escaped pet from a nearby neighborhood, had plenty of hiding places to elude capture in the leafy community.

“The area I’m at is heavily forested, a big preserve, so it’s got a lot of hiding places. It’s not as easily accessible,” Lieberman told the Miami Herald in August.

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Maria Lieberman posted a photo to her Facebook page of the lizard riding away in a Fish and Wildlife agent’s vehicle. “She’s going to the zoo!” Lieberman posted.

In the photo, the monitor is seen standing upright, looking out the backseat window as if to say goodbye to the home she’s known for months.

“I see he’s taken a backseat,” one of her Facebook friends posted.

More likely, she’s ready for her next adventure.

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