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High school wrestling coach used name ‘Dirty Dusty’ to solicit sex with a minor, cops say

Dustin Garvin
Dustin Garvin - Broward Sheriff's Office

Using the name Dirty Dusty, J.P. Taravella High School assistant wrestling coach Dustin Garvin posted an ad on Craigslist last year looking for “sexual favors” from young males, police say.

An undercover officer responded, offering up his nearly 14-year-old “son” to perform oral sex, according to a police report.

Despite asking the “dad” several times about whether this was a sting, Garvin asked for pictures of the boy and agreed to meet for coffee.

On Tuesday, police showed up at the Coral Springs high school and arrested Garvin, who is facing a charge of soliciting a minor with the purpose of engaging in a sex act. The 32-year-old, who is a micro technician at the school, according to police, was being held Tuesday in Broward’s Main Jail.

According to an arrest report, Garvin posted an ad in August 2017 that in part said, “Any young guy need oral.” The post also included a graphic image of a man in compromising position.

The undercover agent told Garvin via online message that he had a young son who “he would take out of school early for Dirty Dusty.”

“Dirty Dusty asked for stats and went on to explain that he wanted to provide oral and agreed that the undercover agent could watch,” an officer wrote in the report. “At that time the undercover advised Dirty Dusty that the child was almost 14-years-old. Dirty Dusty advised that he was kind of iffy about it and asked if this was a sting operation.”

When the officer said it wasn’t, Garvin asked for more information on the child including height and weight, according to the report. He also requested pictures.

The officer asked to meet Garvin for coffee at 11 a.m., but, according to the report, Garvin said he couldn’t meet in the morning because he is employed by a school.

Garvin, police say, didn’t want to meet near Coral Springs.

At one point, the agent sent a photo of a young boy with a soccer ball, according to the report.

Eventually, police said, Garvin asked for the child’s email address. The officer continued to talk to Garvin, who asked the boy what he was into and “went on to advise how the child is in the learning phase and he needs to try new things.”

A subpoena led police to Garvin, according to the report.

On Tuesday, officers questioned Garvin and he “admitted to coordinating with what he believed to be a parent of a 13 year old child to provide oral sex,” an officer wrote in the report.

Police say there may be more victims and are asking anyone with information to contact SVU Detective Carter at 954-346-1790.