Broward County

‘Guys, I left my gun in my car.’ Teen arrested after cops say he threatened high school.

Miami Herald File

A 17-year-old faces a felony charge of making threats after officers say he was heard by a Pembroke Pines Charter High School teacher saying he had a gun in his car after a Code Red Drill.

He later said it was a joke, police say.

According to police, the unidentified teen made the threats Tuesday at Pembroke Pines Charter High School, 17189 Sheridan St.

The Pembroke Pines Police Department was alerted to the incident, which happened after the Code Red Drill. A Code Red is an active-shooter drill.

“He stated to his class ‘Guys, I left my gun in my car. You get to live another day,’ “ the department said. “The class teacher promptly alerted the school’s administration, who then contacted the school’s School Resource Officer.“

The teen was questioned and his car was searched, but no weapons were found, the department said.

“The suspect admitted to making the threatening statements, and indicated that his comments were meant as a joke and that he had no intention to do harm to anyone,” police said.

The teen was arrested and charged with making a false report concerning the use of a firearm in a violent manner.