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He got 92 years for a pistol-whipping, carjacking and 2 robberies. An eye was involved

A Fort Lauderdale man is going to prison for what’s likely the rest of his life. Not for knocking a computer store clerk’s eye out with a pistol-whipping. But, rather, using a gun to carjack a Lexus, and of robbing a Dunkin’ Donuts and a Subway.

De Andre Smith, 23, was sentenced to 92 years in federal prison Thursday after being convicted of four December armed robberies. Because he will have to serve at least 85 percent of that sentence, Smith will be at least 105 years old before any early release discussions begin.

The 92 years breaks down this way: a total of 75 years for three counts of brandishing a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence; seven years for the count of brandishing a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence that involved the computer store clerk losing an eye; 10 years and a month for each count, served concurrently, of carjacking; and three counts of a Hobbs Act Robbery, a robbery affecting or just involving interstate commerce.

By that definition, the robbery of anything greater than an individual home or person can turn into a federal case. Smith’s Dec. 20 carjacking of a 2009 Lexus ES350 was slid into the federal crimes column because, as the indictment said, he “did take a motor vehicle that had been transported, shipped, and received in interstate and foreign commerce.”

Within an hour after ripping off the Lexus, Smith hit two Davie chain restaurants — Dunkin’ Donuts, 5021 S. State Rd. 7, and Subway, 6575 S. Stirling Rd. Davie police arrested Smith for the robberies on Dec. 29.

Federal prosecutors indicted Smith in February for those robberies and the Dec. 12 robbery of a Fort Lauderdale IT Tech store of software. When the store clerk wouldn’t install the software on Smith’s computer, as Smith demanded at gunpoint, Smith pistol-whipped the clerk. The employee lost an eye in the attack.

According records, Smith’s prior rap sheet includes aggravated assualt with a deadly weapon in Texas and misdemeanor battery in Miami-Dade County.

According to the Justice Department, picking up Smith’s case is part of Project Safe Neighborhoods.

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