Broward County

A masseur went too far, the state says. Now he’s barred from seeing female clients

Wikimedia Commons

A South Florida masseur can no longer practice on female clients after he was accused of engaging sexually with one of them earlier this summer.

The Florida Department of Health issued an emergency restriction order against Robert J. Brush Jr., of Fort Lauderdale, on Aug. 10, a little more than a month after he allegedly touched a woman without her consent.

Brush is the owner and only massage therapist at Hands of Health of South Florida, 231 SE 12th Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. On or around July 4, a 47-year-old woman walked into Brush’s business for a massage. She disrobed, including her underwear, and lay face down beneath a sheet.

Brush started the massage normally but, according to the order, he soon rested his forefinger on the woman’s genitals while he was massaging one of her thighs and buttocks.

He then asked the client to turn over and face up. According to the order, Brush held the sheet up to make it seem like he wasn’t looking at her naked body, but the client noticed a mirror on the wall in front of Brush.

According to the order, Brush massaged her neck with “both of his hands wrapped around her neck applying heavy pressure.” Brush massaged the woman’s abdominal area and upper chest, including the side of her breasts. According to the order, at one point, he slid his hands under the sheet and ran his hands back and forth four to five times over the woman’s nipples.

After the woman got dressed and tried to leave, Brush stood in the hallway and blocked her from walking through, according to the order. After she paid for the massage, the order said, he hugged her and kissed her on the cheek.