Broward County

He molested her at 13. Now, 17 years later, there’s trouble.

Byron Cardozo before a 2014 prison stint for grand theft and battery.
Byron Cardozo before a 2014 prison stint for grand theft and battery. - Florida Dept. of Corrections

A federal indictment accuses a convicted felon and former Oakland Park resident of cyberstalking a woman he molested when she was a 13-year-old growing up in Florida.

Federal prosecutors in Massachusetts filed a motion Friday that Byron Cardozo just returned to Broward County and they want him in custody until the cyberstalking case concludes. Cardozo’s past problems with the law — he has been in prison, violated a restraining order and spit on a cop — didn’t prompt the motion, although it was mentioned in the supporting facts.

What concerned prosecutors most was agents saw the 34-year-old firing guns at a Deerfield Beach gun range, and Cardozo’s indictment accuses him of leaving online messages, such as this from May:

“You f------ b---- you keep this up and you will know what it means to be assaulted” and “You are f------ done...YOU WILL KNOW FEAR, TRUST ME...You will f------ find out what happens when you cry wolf b----.”

The woman hit Cardozo’s well-documented hair-trigger, according to the indictment, with an online magazine essay in 2016. The essay discussed a psychologically damaging 2001 sexual encounter between the woman, then a 13-year-old girl, and a 17-year-old Cardozo when they were students at a Florida school. She used her own name, but shrouded others’ in the piece.

“Shortly after the article was published, Cardozo launched a multi-faceted cyberstalking and threats campaign against Jane Doe 1,” according to the indictment.

Mostly in the comments section of the online magazine and associated website, Cardozo “claimed Jane Doe 1 had fabricated her claims about the coercive nature of the 2001 sexual encounter, provided graphic descriptions of his purported consensual sexual encounter with Jane Doe 1 and described how he masturbated to her photographs.”

This continued through 2017 and into 2018, the indictment says. On April 3 of this year, after the woman contacted law enforcement about the harassment, Cardozo allegedly posted a comment to the online magazine that meandered, “I’m going to fix you (Jane Doe 1’s name) whether you like it or not you started this bull----, now let’s finish it .. .I CAN’T ALLOW YOU TO DO THAT.. .I’ll beat your a-- in this game of chess ... I’ll beat you until you’re writing haiku ... I’M C----- OUT YOUR SOCKET, NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP .. .MY WRATH RUNS COLD I’LL BEAT YOU IN 17 LINES OF POEM ... HASTA LA VISTA ...”

After the above message in May, the indictment says Cardozo posted on a website in July, “hear me now, I will devote my miserable life to destroying yours for what you have done you sick Godless better send Seal Team 6 to kill me because you have no idea who you have just f----- with, little girl.”

In Broward, Cardozo has convictions on two counts of petit theft, two counts of felony battery and four counts of grand theft. He still owes $6,609.85 in court fees.

In Jacksonville, Cardozo was arrested on Dec. 1, 2016, for violation of a restraining order that a 17-year-old Jacksonville girl had against the then 32-year-old Cardozo. Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Officer P.L. Thomas wrote in the arrest report he ”observed the suspect call and text the victim several times while I was with the victim.”

The 17-year-old was a co-worker at a Five Guys burger restaurant in Jacksonville and her fear of Cardozo came from his actions there. Cardozo pushed, threatened, wrist-squeezed and threw a potato peeler at the girl. Cardozo was convicted of misdemeanor battery.

In June 2016, Cardozo was Baker Acted in Jacksonville after cops tried to take him into custody while he was on drugs. In the hospital, he started a fight with another patient, then spit in the face and mouth of a Jacksonville sheriff’s officer who tried to intervene. That counted as battery of a security officer, a third-degree felony that got him an $855 fine and 18 months of probation. He was sentenced Dec. 7, after the restraining order violation arrest.

Among the things Cardozo screamed at hospital staff and officers were, “I’ll just tell them I’m crazy,” “I’ll blame the medication,” and “You are JSO. I’ll sue you, too. I’ll have you in federal court.”