Broward County

Dan Marino’s son arrested on DUI charges

Michael Marino, 30-year-old son of Dolphins Hall of Fame quarterback icon Dan Marino, was arrested less than half a mile from his Fort Lauderdale home on DUI charges around 1:30 a.m. Friday.

The arrest report says a breath test measured Michael Marino’s blood alcohol content at .208 and a .210, well past the legal limit of .08.

Marino posted $1,500 bond Friday. He entered a not guilty plea on Tuesday to driving under the influence and driving under the influence with a blood alcohol level higher than .15.

Michael Marino

Michael Marino is a professional DJ and an autism activist. His DJ name is “DJ One Trey,” an homage to the No. 13 his father wore with the Dolphins and the University of Pittsburgh.

His diagnosis as a child inspired his parents to start the Dan Marino Foundation in 1992, a charity that works with people with autism and other disabilities His father, the former star Dolphins QB and CBS football announcer, is now a special adviser to the team’s CEO.

An arrest report says Michael Marino got the attention of a Fort Lauderdale officer in a patrol car when he ran a stop sign while turning east on Broward Boulevard off Southwest First Avenue. Soon after, Marino swung his 2016 Ford SUV north on Andrews Avenue, causing two cars going west on Broward Boulevard “to brake suddenly and hard to avoid a traffic crash,” the report says.

Upon stopping Marino in the 400 block of Northeast First Avenue, the officer wrote he “immediately noticed Marino had bloodshot, glassy eyes and an odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his person and the interior of the vehicle.”

The officer also described Marino’s speech as “slurred” and that he was “slow to react or respond to any questions,” as well as being wobbly when he got out of the SUV.

After failing the field DUI test that asks the driver to follow a pen with the eyes without turning the head, the report says Marino refused to do any more field tests. He initially refused to blow for the breath test, although did so once taken to Broward Sheriff’s Office’s Blood Alcohol Testing facility.

A couple of speeding tickets comprise Marino’s driving violation history in Broward County. He got ticketed for driving with an expired tag on Aug. 2.

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