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Police: Fort Lauderdale SWAT Shoots Man Holding Hostage

Fort Lauderdale Police said a call for a domestic disturbance of a man holding a woman hostage with a weapon ended with that man shot at the hands of police.

Investigators tell us they were informed by people at the home that the man shot may have been using the drug flakka. But toxicology tests will confirm or deny that information.

Police Capt, Frank Sousa said the SWAT Team responded, managed to get inside the home and tried to calm the man down. Then, gunfire.

“There was a point during that encounter that this male took an action that our officers felt was going to result in the loss of life or grave danger to the female who was being held hostage,” Sousa said.

The dead man’s sister identified him as Javoris Washington and said the woman involved in the incident was his girlfriend.

The sister, Alisha Jones, said she did not have any knowledge of the flakka information and added that her brother did not need to be shot.

“He was unarmed and they shot him,” she told CBS4’s Carey Codd. “He had no weapon.”

Police said the woman inside was rescued. A neighbor watched that woman emerge from the house.

“They were supporting here on either side and they took her over to the ambulance,” said Jennifer Diefenbach.

By nightfall, CBS4 cameras saw residents of the home prepare to leave. Two women shared a moment of grief. Cameras also captured crime scene investigators carrying out a mattress from the home.

Police would not specify what type of weapon Washington had.

Police said they have been called to this home numerous times in the past few months for domestic disturbances.

Dr. Bud Fine says he owns the house and rents it out to an older woman and her family. He rushed to the scene after hearing of the shooting.

“Want to make sure that (the tenant is) okay,” he said.

Police told CBS4 the only person harmed was the man holding the woman hostage.

Sousa said the officer’s decision to fire on that man was made in a split second.

“I don’t think any police officer ever wants to have to be faced with that decision, when it comes down to saving the life of another and their life that’s the decision that they made,” he said.

As a matter of procedure, the officer or officers who opened fire will be placed on administrative leave.

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