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Police arrest 13 people for sex acts at Pleasure Emporium adult entertainment store

Pleasure Emporium in Hollywood
Pleasure Emporium in Hollywood

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to remove portions deemed inappropriate under the Miami Herald’s editorial standards.

Hollywood police arrested 13 people at an adult entertainment store Wednesday and charged them with public exposure and lascivous acts.

Police say two undercover officers went into the Pleasure Emporium after getting complaints about sex acts at the store.

After entering the store, the police report says, the undercover couple noticed a sign at the back for adult video rooms. They purchased two tickets for $25 from the cashier at the front.

In the back, the cops saw several numbered “cubicle-style stalls.” They chose one stall. Soon after, the affidavit says, the two officers were in another stall where two men were performing sex acts. The police also arrested 11 other men.

Most of the 13 arrested had bonded out by Thursday evening.