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Hollywood's newest tourist attraction has disappeared. Residents couldn't be happier.

The sailboat is wrested from the sand Thursday morning by crane.
The sailboat is wrested from the sand Thursday morning by crane.

Six days after gaining control of a marooned sailboat, the city of Hollywood has removed it from the beach where it has been wedged for over a month and a half.

The area opposite Harding Street was cordoned off early Tuesday with police tape as the city prepared to remove the vessel by crane.

Officer Christian Lata, a spokesman for Hollywood police, says the city hired an outside agency that specializes in moving vessels.

The boat washed up on the shore after its owner, Chad Lisi, was forced to jump ship when rough waters caused his engine to sputter and conk out. A fraying anchor line broke soon after, and the boat washed ashore May 1.

Hollywood's derelict vessel enjoys its final sunrise after its 51 day stay on the surf. Hollywood will remove the ship this morning. Julie Brown

But, according to state law, the city had to give Lisi 45 days to try and retrieve the boat before it could remove the vessel. Lisi has told the Miami Herald he could not afford to move the boat because towing it out to sea could cost up to $20,000.

Now, after a 51-day stay on the surf, the city has taken matters into its own hands. Lata says the agency hired by the city will most likely destroy the sailboat.

Cheers of "Hallelujah!" could be found in a local Facebook group where residents have voiced concerns that the vessel has turned into a play toy for children and an eyesore for their parents.

"Hopefully, this eyesore will be removed today!" wrote one user, before posting her final selfie with the shipwreck.

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