Broward County

It took seven arrests and a Taser to break up this South Florida high school brawl

Thursday morning was a scene of chaos at Ascend Academy in Margate.

Six students as well as one parent ended up arrested after a fracas that started possibly over something Internet related.

Teachers attempted to break up the fight but to no avail.

"We still don’t know what they were fighting over, although social media is always prominent,” principal Vincent Alessi told CBS4. “As an educator, the social media instigates and perpetuates a lot of the hard feelings.”

One female student was Tased. Video supplied to media from the Margate Police Department shows her restrained on the ground, screaming. An onlooker yells, "Oh my God! Are you serious!?"

Fellow student Keanu Torres told CBS4 that the girl "lost control because someone was talking about her."

Another student, Nakyda Covington, told Local 10 the Tasered girl is in 10th grade and is popular among her peers.

The students were not identified because of their age, and all juveniles were soon released to their parents, according to the Margate Police Department.

The parent who was arrested was 40-year-old Latasha Springer, who faces a battery charge. Her bail was set at $1,000.