Broward County

Police charge man in Pembroke Pines road rage incident

Police charged a Davie man accused of shooting another man following a road-rage incident.

Reynaldo Lopez, 52, was charged with felony battery and burglary.

A surveillance tape from a nearby Shell gas station shows a silver Toyota Highlander driving behind the white van of the man who was shot.

The vehicles were headed west on Pines Boulevard at 158th Avenue. The incident happened Monday afternoon at Pines Boulevard at 160th Avenue.

The two men got into a dispute, which turned physical. At one point, Kenneth Parris, 71, pulled a gun and shot Lopez, according to police.

Parris’ neighbor Donna Gruntler said, “He’s very nice. He is very handy and is always in his yard doing all sorts of stuff. He is a nice neat guy. This sounded very unlike him. I never would have have thought he would have done something like this.”

Lopez works at Dry Clean Express in Margate where his boss said he was a “great worker.” He lives in Coral Springs and that’s where neighbors also said he was a good person.

Jose Martinez was at a Walgreens about two blocks away when Lopez, who was shot in the hand, walked in.

“When I saw the floor there was a bunch of blood right next to the doors,” he said.

Lopez was taken Memorial Regional Hospital.

Martinez said he left Walgreens and went to work near where the traffic altercation happened.

“There were some cops here on the avenue looking around,” he recalled.

Martinez saw as they brought a man to the scene to explain to the officers what happened.

“He was nervous. He was looking around he was looking everywhere,” Martinez said.

A check of records shows both men have been cited for traffic infractions but have had no serious problems.