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He’d wanted to kill his ex and her mom. Then, he asked the ex to take care of his son.

Terrance Walker, current mugshot
Terrance Walker, current mugshot

Not long after Terrance Walker pulled out a semi-automatic handgun while telling two men he wanted to kill his ex-girlfriend and her mother, Broward Sheriff’s Office says, Walker did commit murder Saturday morning.

And he called his ex-girlfriend to say, “Promise me you are going to take care of my son because I messed up.”

That mess-up put two bullets in the back of Domique Daniels’ head, BSO says, after what witnesses described as a few hours of increasingly unhinged behavior by Walker. A Deerfield Beach resident found an Infiniti on Southeast Second Street with the engine running, back-up lights lit and Pompano Beach resident Daniels, 33, slumped dead in the passenger seat of a bloody car.

Walker, 26, faces first-degree murder and carjacking charges. Tuesday’s arrest returned him to the Broward Main Jail, where he had bonded out on Jan. 17 after his arrest on grand theft auto and Ecstasy possession charges. Walker’s record also includes an August arrest on fraud, burglary and theft charges that weren’t prosecuted.

That was his second arrest since getting out of prison in January 2016 after doing two years and four months on charges of cocaine and drug delivery, resisting arrest with violence and aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer. His rap sheet also includes a grand-theft auto conviction, for which he received probation.

This episode started as three guys bouncing around on a Friday night, Antonio McCray told BSO. McCray knew Walker from being in a relationship with Kialona Sharp, sister of Walker’s ex-girlfriend, Appollonia Maxwell. A breakup four months ago ended a six-year relationship.

McCray told BSO he picked up Daniels and Walker in west Pompano Beach, intending to drive Walker to the place in Deerfield where he was staying. Instead, the group headed over to a party in Fort Lauderdale. Racking the semi-automatic 9 mm pistol changed the vibe in the car, as did Walker’s anger toward Appollonia Maxwell and her mother, Leilona Maxwell.

He said he wanted to shoot and kill both.

From the front seat, McCray and Daniels began trying to talk Walker out of his heartbroken fury. McCray got on the phone with Sharp around 11:15 p.m., who told sheriff’s deputies she could hear snatches of conversation.

McCray: “Don’t go to that lady’s house, threatening them or doing anything crazy.”

Walker: “I love Apple.”

McCray: “Bro, what you doing with that gun? Why you keep messing with it?”

McCray and Daniels: “Give me the gun.”

Daniels: “You still keep worrying about Appollonia. We’re not going to worry about that.”

Sharp wouldn’t hear from McCray again until a 12:28 a.m. call, on which McCray said, “I think he killed the boy.” She said it sounded like McCray was running.

McCray told detectives he jumped out of the moving car after two gunshot blasts. As McCray rolled on Southwest 10th Street, he saw his car roll into the median and hop a curb.

While McCray hid, he heard the engine revving and saw the car driving around as if looking for him. After McCray left the moving car driverless, Walker clambered from the back seat to fill that void.

McCray called both Appollonia Maxwell and Leilona Maxwell, screaming at the latter, “He shooting! He shooting!” then got to a Mobil station at 900 SW 10th St. and called police. Then, he made the aforementioned second call to Sharp. He told her he was at a 7-11 in Deerfield and could see his car driving around the area.

When McCray saw Sharp, he said, “all I want is my car and I don’t know if my homeboy is dead.” Sharp called a guy she knew as “Big Boy,” whose number Walker had been using. Big Boy told Sharp three things: “Terrance robbed Antonio,” the car was two blocks from Big Boy’s house and Walker had come into the house crying.

Sharp got a call from Leilona Maxwell. Her mother said Walker had been calling her, asking her to meet him at a store. He wanted to turn himself in.

Appollonia Maxwell also got a phone call from him with the plea, “Promise me you’ll take care of my son because I’ve messed up.”

The Broward Fugitive Task Force brought in Walker Tuesday evening.

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