Broward County

He tells kids he's lost. He asks about their phone. Police want to find him.

Sketch of possible suspect
Sketch of possible suspect

Pembroke Pines police are looking for a man they say has approached teenagers suspiciously four times over the last nine days, most recently Tuesday.

None of the teens has fallen for what sounds like the old strangers-with-candy lure updated for 21st century teenagers. Police describe an interaction that involves the man trying to create a tether via the teenagers' cellphones.

Last week, on Sept. 18, police say, the man stopped in his car to make small talk with a teenage girl, claiming to be lost on the way to Sawgrass Mills. He offered to charge the girl's cellphone in his car. He did the same thing less than an hour later.

On Monday, Pines police say he stopped two teenagers and asked to use a cellphone to get directions. The teens walked away.

The incidents occurred at various places around the city.

Police say the teens all describe a black male in his 30s, about 5-10, driving a white four-door Mazda 3 with tint on the rear windows.

Anyone with information can contact Pembroke Pines police at 305-431-2200.