Broward County

A domestic violence call brought the police to him. Fraud put him back in prison.

Terrance Sills was arrested for domestic violence. That’s not why he’s doing federal prison time (again).
Terrance Sills was arrested for domestic violence. That’s not why he’s doing federal prison time (again).

The night Coral Springs cops arrested Terrance Sills for domestic violence battery, police said multiple neighbors called police. One claimed to hear a woman yelling “Don’t touch the baby!” Another said he saw through a window Sills hit his baby’s mother. The girlfriend’s 8-year-old son backed up that man’s story.

Despite this, domestic violence charges against Sills were dropped. But he was sentenced to seven years, three months in federal prison Wednesday because of that night.

Sills got convicted of two counts of producing or trafficking in a counterfeit device and one count of fraud with identification documents. It’s his third fraud conviction, to go with a Broward County court conviction on 25 fraud counts in 2007 and, three years later, fraud with three counts of unlawful gun transportation in federal court.

See, while at Sills’ house on the domestic violence call, police saw the veteran fraudster could have a rookie's sloppiness.

Out in the open on a couch and a glass table, waiting to be seen by any law enforcement eyes were two laptop computers, a credit card maker, a desktop printer and numerous thumb drives. Stacks of Broward Health paperwork with personal information, drivers license printouts, documents with identification information clogged counter space and tables.

So, Coral Springs police came back with a search warrant. They found identification information for 600 people as well as a Sanford & Son Salvage of identity theft strewn about — Social Security numbers, driver’s licenses, gift cards and debit cards in the living room, kitchen, master bedroom and kids’ bedroom.

They also found multiple computers, including one, Sills admission says, with “a template for printing Florida driver's licenses, Photoshop files for multiple Florida driver's licenses, and software for using a magnetic stripe card writer/reader” and “a template for creating checks.”

Also, the search turned up in a bedroom closet safe “Social Security cards and driver's licenses in various names, a bin containing shredded driver's licenses and credit cards, a magnetic stripe card reader/encoder, and a card embosser.”

The bedroom usually contains the most revealing secrets and so it was here. Police found credit cards in Sills’ name and credit cards in the names of other folks, one of whom couldn’t protest — he died two weeks before the credit card account in his name was opened.

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