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Inability to keep his hands to himself takes a bite out of fake dentist’s freedom

John Collazos has been arrested for practicing dentistry without a license. He’s been convicted of that twice before.
John Collazos has been arrested for practicing dentistry without a license. He’s been convicted of that twice before.

Davie resident John Collazos got arrested June 24 for practicing dentistry without a license. Collazos has been on double not-so-secret probation for practicing dentistry without a license since last year.

And it’s possible nobody would know about any of this if mouths were the only place Collazos’ hands went where they shouldn’t.

He got busted the first time after attempting to fondle and asking to be fondled by a woman throughout a root canal. She went to the police. Four months later, so did another woman after Collazos treated a toothache with a shot into her bare buttocks followed by a caress of those buttocks.

Now, Collazos stays in Broward County Jail on 11 counts of operating a dentist’s office or equipment without a license, one count of battery-domestic violence and a double shot of probation violation. The woman who went to authorities this time was Collazos’ wife of seven years; the unwelcome contact she alleged left visible marks.

She told the Florida Department of Corrections, then the Davie police that Collazos, 52, had punched her in the face and grabbed her face hard enough to cause bruising. A complaint affidavit says she showed Davie police pictures of that bruising as well as photos of the upstairs bedroom in their home she said Collazos had converted into a dentist office. One of the shots showed Collazos garbed in medical mask and scrubs next to dentistry tools and someone lying in a red recliner.

Collazos wife told police he got his seven to eight patients a week, usually immigrants unable to afford dental work, by word of mouth. Sometimes, she said, Collazos would have them park nearby and he would drive them the rest of the way to the house.

After a day of surveillance, Davie police got a search warrant for Collazos home, 14591 Vista Verdi Road. Collazos’ wife warned police that he seemed to be getting nervous about possibly being watched. Though police say Collazos loaded some items into a Mercedes before they arrested him, they say the converted bedroom still contained tools associated with a dentist’s office, including drills, picks, an air compressor, gauze, drugs and mold-making equipment.

A search of professional licenses turns up none for Collazos. But that didn’t stop Collazos from operating in a Davie warehouse at 5071 South State Road 7, Unit #710 in 2012, according to an arrest affidavit.

Collazos’s first arrest, in July of 2012, came after his fourth session over two months with a female patient, after Collazos began fondling the woman’s breasts over her bra without her permission, according to police. He also moved the dental suction tube toward her vagina, which he began to feel up through her clothes. The woman tried to block Collazos’ unwanted attention with a hand, her cell phone and sunglasses. After he finished the root canal, he asked her to masturbate him. She ran from the room, paid Collazos $300 and went to the police.

Collazos pleaded guilty to one count each of battery, practicing dentistry without a license, practicing health care without a license and possession of dental equipment by a non-dentist. He got probation for that as well as his practicing dentistry without a license charge in November 2012 after he treated the aforementioned toothache like a pain in the butt.

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