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Man who wanted to show his penis to jury to help him beat a murder rap found not guilty

Richard Patterson
Richard Patterson

The Margate man who was accused of killing his girlfriend and then asked to show the jury his penis as part of his defense was found not guilty Monday after a weeklong trial, according to news reports.

Richard Patterson’s attorney, Kenneth Padowitz, argued that Francisca Marquinez, 60, accidentally died in 2015 when she gave his client oral sex inside her Margate apartment.

Monday started with closing arguments and then after five hours of deliberation, the jury had a verdict, according to the Sun Sentinel. Prosecutors argued that Patterson used his hands to choke Marquinez, whose death was ruled undetermined by the medical examiner’s office.

Padowitz filed a motion May 1 to allow his client to show his penis in court so the jury could see the body part in question. The judge didn’t rule on the motion and Patterson did not show it to the jury.

During the trial, Dr. Ronald Wright, a former Broward County medical examiner, said Marquinez’s death could have been the result of choking during oral sex, Local 10 reported.

If Patterson, 65, were convicted of second-degree murder, he could have faced life in prison.