Broward County

On probation, he committed a bigger crime. Now, he’ll do hard time.

Joshua Maxwell
Joshua Maxwell

With one month left in his probation for a 2015 grand theft auto, Fort Lauderdale’s Joshua Maxwell entered a Davie CarMax dealership in November looking for an upgrade.

While test driving a Dodge Charger, Maxwell made his criminal-charges upgrade — from grand theft auto in 2015 to carjacking in 2016. That also earned Maxwell legal upgrades in venue (Broward County court in 2015 to U.S. District Court in 2016-17) and, last week, sentencing (probation to nine years in federal prison for carjacking).

In his Nov. 11 attempt at carjacking, Maxwell didn’t overlook tools. Maxwell admitted in court documents he brought a jagged piece of copper pipe and a willingness to be violent to CarMax, 7420 W. State Rd. 84. He used both when he conked the salesman over the head during the test drive, battered him and stabbed him in the chest. Maxwell, then, pushed the salesman out of the car and roared away.

The salesman received stitches in his head and chest and was released from the hospital that day.

What Maxwell did overlook was concealment. He had test driven the Dodge the previous day, also. CarMax policy dictated he hand over his driver’s license, which he had both days. The salesman who went with Maxwell on the Nov. 10 test drive remembered him. Also, surveillance video caught part of the carjacking at an angle that showed Maxwell’s face. His godmother identified him to Plantation police from that video still.

Maxwell was arrested No. 18 and admitted to the carjacking.

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