Broward County

Stash of explicit photos of young boys found at man’s home following Google tip

Alberto Jose Blanco
Alberto Jose Blanco

Inside a Pembroke Pines home flanked by golf courses and country clubs, police found approximately 15,000 photographs of young boys posing for a camera, 15 videos of elementary-age children masturbating — and a 42-year-old man posing as a child on the internet who claimed to be a counselor in South Florida.

Alberto Jose Blanco, who lives in Pembroke Pines with his mother, was arrested Wednesday and charged with possessing child pornography and having obscene communication, according to his arrest report. He has been diagnosed with a mental disability.

The arrest comes nearly a year since Pembroke Pines police received a tip from Google in July notifying police that one of its users had been using a Google Plus account to store photographs of a naked boy between the age of 6 and 8. After receiving the user’s IP address and issuing a subpoena to Comcast to release the user’s home address, an officer visited Blanco at his mother’s home in the 1300 block of SW Ninth Court in April.

According to the arrest report, Blanco appeared nervous and agitated when the officer mentioned “child pornography.” His mother told police Blanco does not fit in with adults and thus surrounds himself with kids. Blanco denied behaving improperly with the children, but later told detectives he communicated with minors “in a sexual manner.”

He admited to police that he downloaded “bad pictures of boys,” profusely apologizing to the officer. Upon locating Blanco’s Samsung GSM Galaxy Tablet, which featured photos of pre-pubescent boys as its background image, the officer found hundreds of downloaded images of boys engaging in explicit sexual behavior.

After securing a warrant, officers confiscated Blanco’s cellphone and tablet and found about 15,000 images of young boys posing for a camera, and several more explict photos, including children as young as 5 performing sexual acts with other young boys. When searching the tablet, cops found a fake Facebook account Blanco created under the name Albert Joseph Blanco, which features a young boy as its profile photo, according to the arrest report. All of his “friends” appeared to be 12 or younger.

Blanco turned himself in on Wednesday and was taken to the Broward County Jail.