Broward County

Driver chases car, points gun at its occupants and threatens to kill them, cops say

Mario Perez
Mario Perez

Mario Perez wasn't happy with the way a black Honda convertible drove past his home in a Pembroke Pines residential community, so he got in his own car and chased it, police said.

When the car stopped, Perez got out and began yelling profanities at the car's occupants, according to a police report.

The driver took off “in fear of his safety,” an officer said. But when he stopped again at the exit gate, Perez got out, yelled, pointed a gun at both the driver and the passenger and threatened to kill them, an officer wrote.

Perez, 49, is now being held with no bond in Broward's Main Jail on charges including aggravated assault with weapon, aggravated battery, two counts of car burglary with battery and battery.

Police say the incident happened just after 10 p.m. Monday in The Beaches subdivision of the Pembroke Shores Community.

It all started when Tyler Thornton Muraida, 19, and his 15-year-old passenger, passed Perez's home in the convertible, which was “extremely loud,” police said.

Perez followed the boys through the streets and when Muraida stopped, Perez got out and screamed.

Muraida was able to get away, but the second time he stopped at the exit gate Perez didn't let them leave easily, according to police.

Perez “pointed a midsize black handgun” at Muraida, sceamed at him and forced him to turn off the car and remove the keys. Police say Perez then punched Muraida in the side of his head. Perez then walked over to the passenger, “and placed the gun to the neck of Victim # 2,” an officer wrote. He then threatened to kill both of them and hit the 15-year-old with the gun in the back of the head, according to Perez’s arrest report.

Perez still wasn't done.

He walked back to the driver's side and said “If I ever see you again I’m gonna’ kill you,” before hitting the driver in the face one more time and then walking away, police said.