Broward County

4 cases of whooping cough identified in Broward

Four cases of whooping cough have been diagnosed in Broward County over the past two weeks, according to the Florida Department of Health.

The cases involve three adolescents and an infant. One earlier case of the bacterial infection, also known as pertussis, was identified in Broward earlier this year.

“Pertussis is a very serious, yet preventable disease. Babies and young children often get the disease from family members so we urge the community to seek vaccination right away to decrease the risk of infection,” Dr. Paula Thaqi, Director, Florida Department of Health in Broward County, said in a statement. “Vaccinating children helps protect the health of the whole community, especially those people who cannot be vaccinated.”

Symptoms include a runny noise, fever and a worsening cough.

Earlier this month, a worker visiting Broward County tested positive for rubella, a contagious disease that causes fever and a rash.