Broward County

Pleading woman dragged through Broward courthouse by deputy

A woman was dragged through the Broward courthouse by a deputy on Monday for reportedly being loud and disrespectful.

“You’re hurting me. You’re (expletive) hurting me. Stop. You don’t give nobody a chance. All I wanted to do was sob for a few minutes, cry. That’s all wanted to do was cry for a few minutes because my life is in your hands,” Dasyl Rios cried as she was dragged down a courthouse hallway by a jail deputy.The incident was captured on cellphone video.

The incident began moments before when Rios was in court for a competency hearing.

The public defenders’ office said two doctors deemed her incompetent. A deputy said she was loud and disrespectful and left the courtroom.

“She mumbling and using profanity, yes,” Syvia Rios said of her daughter’s behavior. “I hear this sound like I’ve never heard before. I big bang, stomp. I’m thinking something happened.”

Sylvia Rios witnessed the dragging.

“When I saw her being dragged, she saw me and said, ‘Mommy please help’,” Rios told CBS4.

Attorney Lynn Desanti said when she saw Rios, she was crying sitting on a bench outside the courtroom and wanted to say goodbye to her mother. That’s when she said the guard began yelling.

“At one point the deputy said if you’re not going to get up and walk, I’m going to drag you. And he literally grabbed her by her feet, pulled her off the bench and started dragging this 28-year-old woman,” Desanti said.

Attorney Bill Gelin, who writes the JAA Blog, heard the commotion. When he saw her begin dragged, he pulled out his camera and started taping.

“They’re trained to deal with these situations. But they just grabbed that chain around her feet, like she’s an animal in a Wild West movie or somebody who’s being dragged by a horse from a rope. This is 2015,” Gelin said.

Several deputies were around Rios before she was dragged back to jail. She pleaded with them not to take her back.

“I’m not going back to get beat up. I’m not going back to get beat up, no. I’m not going back to get beat up by BSO. No, no, no,” Rios screamed.

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel released a statement:

“I am concerned by the way the deputy handled this situation, because there were other courses of action he could have taken. Internal Affairs has initiated a complete and comprehensive investigation, and the deputy has been placed on restricted duty pending the outcome.”

Sylvia Rios is glad the matter is being looked in to, but says her fight for better treatment for mentally ill inmates is only just beginning.

“It’s the most horrible feeling. You’re helpless,” she said. “At that moment I lost all my faith in the judicial system.”