Haulover park to open new skate park and pump track this summer

Construction is underway at a new skate park and pump track at Haulover Park, located at 10800 Collins Avenue.
Construction is underway at a new skate park and pump track at Haulover Park, located at 10800 Collins Avenue.

Five cities have teamed up to build a skate park at Haulover. The new recreation space is expected to open later this summer.

The mayors of Bal Harbour, Miami Beach, Sunny Isles Beach, Bay Harbor Islands and Surfside say the park will help get kids off the couch and moving outside.

The park, which cost $267,000, will include a pump track for cyclists and a skate plaza, said Surfside Mayor Daniel Dietch.

Just as the park will encourage people in the community to come together, the planning and funding allowed different Miami-Dade communities to combine forces to see the project through. "This demonstrates to everybody else how communities can work together to bring projects to fruition," Dietch said.

Sunny Isles Beach developed a skate park a few years ago, Dietch said, but it was dismantled because of noise complaints from neighbors. The park was "highly desirable and used by the teenage community," said Sunny Isles Beach Mayor George Scholl.

Dietch began having conversations with Scholl about partnering with surrounding communities to develop a park at Haulover, nestled between Bal Harbour and Sunny Isles Beach in the 10800 block of Collins Avenue.

"A lot of the kids that were using our skate park were coming from surrounding communities," Scholl said. "It's a regional community asset, and moving it to Haulover will be beneficial to everybody."

Many municipalities do not have the funds or space to develop a park on their own.

"We have limited space in Bal Harbour, but we have beautiful Haulover Park right over the bridge," said Bal Harbour Mayor Gabriel Groisman.

After speaking with the other municipalities, Dietch decided that donating the skate park to the county would be the most strategic plan. Each municipality contributed $50,000, with Sunny Isles Beach paying the remaining balance on the skate park and pump track.

Miami-Dade Commissioner Sally Heyman, who represents the area, said that the county supplied the land for the skate park, pump track and parking, while each municipality provided funding for design and building.

"I'm a skateboarder, my kids are skateboarders," Dietch said. "We need to provide recreational spaces for our children, so they can take their energy and put it into a constructive activity."

"This will better the lives of children and teenagers in the community by giving them a space to gather outdoors," Groisman said.

The municipalities plan on coordinating shuttle bus service to and from the park.

"The entire area benefits instead of an isolated, smaller park in one city," Heyman said. "It's big enough to have people really enjoy a period of time and activity in a larger venue."

The park has formed as a symbol of cooperation among municipalities.

"We have a good band of mayors in Northeast Miami-Dade County that are in it for the right reasons," Scholl said. "They look beyond the walls of their cities."