Panama Papers investigation

The Secret Shell Game

The Miami Herald, in association with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, obtained a massive trove of confidential files, dubbed the “Panama Papers,” from inside a secretive Panamanian law firm. The Herald, its parent company McClatchy and the television networks Fusion and Univision were the only U.S. media outlets to help analyze the documents.

2017 Pulitzer Prize winning entry

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, McClatchy and the Miami Herald were awarded the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for the following 11 stories from the series.

Venezuelan convict at center of ‘suitcase scandal’ didn’t raise flags for Panama Papers firm
Before he went on lam, Italian fugitive used Miami firms to set up offshore
Did this Panama Papers housekeeper really direct a North Korean arms deal?
Giant leak of offshore financial records exposes global array of crime and corruption
Panamanian law firm is gatekeeper to vast flow of murky offshore secrets
All Putin’s men: Secret records reveal money network tied to Russian leader
Law firm’s files include dozens of companies and people blacklisted by U.S. authorities
Global banks team with law firms to help the wealthy hide assets
Secret offshore deals deprive Africa of billions in natural resource dollars
Panama’s revolving door shows global challenge of offshore reform
Panama Papers have had historic global effects – and the impacts keep coming

The Complete Panama Papers series

The Miami Herald spent months investigating how people accused of wrongdoing abroad used offshore shell companies to buy South Florida real estate. “The Secret Shell Game” was based on an analysis of the 11.5 million secret files leaked from inside Mossack Fonseca, the Panamanian law firm.

Secret offshore money helps fuel Miami real estate boom
Why price paid for ex-judge’s Miami condo wasn’t publicly disclosed
Secret offshores trace back to Brickell condo from ‘Miami Vice’
Miami Beach fraudsters hid loot in offshore companies
Fast-living Italian fugitive used Miami firms to set up offshore
Stoner gun-runner drama — now a movie — in Panama Papers
Condo poised to flip for big profit in strange offshore transaction
Update: Secret buyer seals deal for South Beach condo
Venezuelan convict at center of ‘suitcase scandal’ didn’t raise flags for firm
Panama Papers expose web of intrigue behind Haiti petroleum deal

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From McClatchy

Massive leak exposes dark world of shell corporations
A well-connected Mexican tycoon stashes a fortune overseas
Americans show up in the Panama Papers leak, too
After Panama papers leak: U.S., Britain are eager for names
U.S. scolds others about offshores, looks other way at home
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From ICIJ and partners

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