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Top searches in 2014: Miami turns to Google for twerking

Some popular “how to” Google searches: Kissing, flirting, fighting and twerking, displayed here.
Some popular “how to” Google searches: Kissing, flirting, fighting and twerking, displayed here.

Judging by what Miamians searched Google for in 2014, we must be the top twerkers in the country.

Aside from learning more about the sexually provocative dancing, done most famously by Miley Cyrus, soccer-loving locals also sought information on the World Cup.

According to Google’s 14th annual Year in Search report released Tuesday, Miamians were a little bit more eclectic in their searching taste than the rest of the U.S. Making it to the top of the “how-to” searches: kissing, flirting, fighting — and, yes, twerking.

“The how-to lists tend to vary from place to place,” said Jenise Araujo, a communications associate for Google. “It’s a good reflection of the area you are looking at.”

As part of Google’s review this year, the search engine picked about 20 specific cities to see what was trending to get a better sense of whether location plays a part in the information people are looking for. While Miami was in line with New York City, Atlanta and Los Angeles with the World Cup topping the search list, there were some searches unique to Miami including Miami Spice, the annual summer restaurant discount program, and Ultra, the popular electronic music festival.

“It’s nice to see that there are micro-local events making the list,” Araujo said. “This shows what people care about.”

Other trending topics for Miamians and elsewhere: Ebola, Robin Williams and Malaysia Airlines. The death of actor and comedian Williams topped the global list of popular searches.

Araujo said Google’s yearly review is a great “snapshot” of what people cared about through the year and changes with the times. In 2013, the top national search for news was Boston Marathon after the April bombing. Also in 2013, the most frequent “how-to” search was how to tie a tie.

“The point of it is to capture the spirit of the times,” she said. “What were we curious about in 2014?”

In the city of Miami, people were curious about ALS, topping the “what is” search list. ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease and the impetus of those ice-bucket fundraising challenges over the summer, also made it to lists worldwide. The search became popular after social media was flooded with people dumping ice over each other’s heads.

Miamians also wanted to learn more about the terror group ISIS and coding.

Araujo said searches usually depend on what is going on in the world.

“It’s crazy to see the impact that certain events have on people.”

Here are Google’s Year in Search lists for Miami:

Top Trending Searches

1. World Cup 2. Robin Williams 3. Ebola 4. Joan Rivers 5. Malaysia Airlines 6. Philip Seymour Hoffman 7. Miami Spice 2014 8. Venezuela 9. Monica Spear 10. Flappy bird.

Top trending ‘how-to’ searches

1. How to draw 2. How to twerk 3. How to sing 4. How to meditate 5. How to kiss 6. How to rap 7. How to beatbox 8. How to fight 9. How to fish 10. How to flirt

Top trending ‘what-is’ searches

1.What is ALS? 2. What is Ebola? 3. What is life? 4. What is coding? 5. What is VPN? 6. What is oxycontin? 7. What is ISIS? 8. What is Uber? 9. What is gravity? 10. What is DNA?

Top trending events/news

1. World Cup 2. Ebola 3. Malaysia Airlines 4. Miami Spice 2014 5. Ultra 2014 6. Black Friday 2014 7. NBA Playoffs 2014 8. Oscars 2014 9. Ferguson 10. Olympics

Source: Google