South Florida

A naked, tattooed man in Delray Beach wanted an American flag. Watch him get it

A naked, buff, tattooed man tip-toed around luxury yachts in Delray Beach last week. He had a goal, police say: Stealing an American flag.

Police want to know “Who does this?” and “Who is this guy?”

On Thursday, Delray Beach police released video of the naked man boarding two of the city’s most well-known ships and stealing the American flag off of them, police said.

The naked bandit stole the stars and stripes, along with the flag pole, in the early morning hours of Oct. 11, police said.

Surveillance cameras showed the bearded man, with tattoos along his entire left side, boarding the Lady Delray and Lady Atlantic, and stealing the flag off the latter.

Police say the man nimbly hopped over a locked gate, boarded the Lady Delray, then jumped onto the Lady Atlantic. Then he jumped into the Intracoastal Waterway and escaped.

Released video shows the man tip-toeing along the marina and jumping into one of the yachts.

If you recognize this boat burglar, please call Delray Beach police at (561) 243-7800.

Miami Herald Real Time Reporter Devoun Cetoute covers breaking news, Florida theme parks and general assignment. He attends the University of Florida and grew up in Miami. Theme parks are on his mind in and out of the office.