South Florida

Bahamas pets spared by Hurricane Dorian will be available for adoption in South Florida

A group of dogs and cats rescued from the hurricane-ravaged Bahamas are searching for new homes in Miami and across South Florida

After Hurricane Dorian devastated the archipelago earlier this month, the Humane Society of Greater Miami has partnered with other rescue groups to take in 21 homeless dogs and cats from shelters on the Abaco Islands and Nassau.

About 130 dogs and cats were picked up by nine different shelters throughout South Florida, including the Humane Society of Broward County, according to the Humane Society. A large contingent of the rescued dogs and cats from the Bahamas were taken to a no-kill shelter in Indian River County, Florida, and New Jersey.

About 97 animals died at the Humane Society of Grand Bahama during Hurricane Dorian.

“The moment we heard about what happened in the Bahamas we knew that we wanted to step up and help in any way we could,” said Laurie Hoffman, executive director at the Humane Society, in a statement. “It is amazing to see how incredibly sweet these dogs are.”

The shelter pets won’t be available for adoption until they clear a quarantine period.

The cats that arrived in Miami were “starving” when they arrived at the shelter, and many of the dogs were diagnosed with tick-borne diseases commonly known as “tick fever” and heartworm, both of which are treatable conditions.

The six cats were transferred from the Friends of Abaco Animals to the shelter. The 15 dogs came from the Bahamas Humane Society of Nassau and were picked up at the National Jet Center in Fort Lauderdale.

The animal transfer was carried out in coordination with a larger rescue effort organized by the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, Wings of Rescue, Greater Good and the International Fund for Animal Welfare

“Despite all they have gone through, all of them have such friendly and gentle demeanor,” Hoffman said. “It is as if they know that they have been given a second chance and are responding with sincere gratitude. We could not be happier to give them the love and care they deserve.”