South Florida

His 1-year-old tumbled into the pool — and there was only one thing for Dad to do

A West Palm Beach dad saved his 1-year-old son when he fell into a pool.

It was the usual hot Sunday afternoon at Albert Passavanti’s home, he said in a Facebook post. To cool off, the family was lounging by the pool.

One adult family member was in the pool, while Passavanti and other adults were sitting in the shade. A baby gate surrounded the pool, while the one it was supposed to be protecting scampered around.

Little 1-year-old Rocco was doing what every toddler does on a hot day — play. When the ball he was playing with flew into the pool, Rocco maneuvered around the opened gate.

Passavanti said the gate is usually closed, but was open because adults were around.

As Rocco made his way along the edge of the pool, reaching out to grab the ball, he tumbled in. The moment he fell into the pool Passavanti turned into a super hero

He ran full speed and dived over the gate and into the pool to save his son.

Rocco and the family are all OK, but Passavanti said he will be stepping up his preventive measures, which includes swim lessons.